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John MILNE + Margaret ANDERSON

7 children
Margaret MILNE
Birth: 1810 22 25Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death: July 13, 1891Stirling Falls, Parry Sound, Ontario
Birth: March 1814 27 29Aberdeenshire Scotland
Death: November 1, 1874Grey Twp, Huron Co, Ontario
Alexander MILNE
Birth: October 22, 1822 35 37Cairneston, Insch Parish, Aberdeenshire
Death: July 1889Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co, ND

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Family group information
Residence 1820
Note: Two of John and Margaret's children were baptized in Insch and the baptism records stated they lived in Cairneston. Cairneston no longer exists and is not on modern maps but historical maps show that it was north of Insch and NE of the present village of Largie. It is a group of farms on hills north and east of Largie. The south foot of Cairneston is located at gps 57.374491, -2.637411. (Note, other historical spellings: Cairnieston, Carnieston )
Shared note: Documents indicate that the family of John Milne and Margaret Anderson lived in Cairneston (northwest of Insch town) from at least 1820 through 1829. The earliest record was the 1820 baptism record of their son David Milne of Cairneston and the last was a baptism record of 1829 in which John Milne of Cairneston was a witness.

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