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Note: Concord Register Book 1: "Ephram Jones and Reuth wheler married 7 day may 1673"
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From findagrave for Thomas Brown Jr of Concord: Birth: 1651 Death: Apr. 4, 1718 Concord Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA

Husband of Ruth (Wheeler) Jones Brown. She was the widow of Ephraim Jones, and a daughter of Thomas Wheeler and Ruth (Wood) Wheeler. She later married Jonathan Prescott as his fourth wife.

Son of Thomas Browne and Bridget (?Bateman?) Browne of Cambridge,MA.

Children: Ruth Brown Jones, Mary Brown Hunt, Rebecca Brown Hubbard, Thomas Brown III, Ephraim Brown, and Elizabeth Brown Hartwell.

Concord marriages: Thomas Browne and Revth Johnes maryed 12. nomr. 1677. (Ruth Jones)

Concord deaths: Ensn Thomas Brown the Husband of Ruth his wife Dyed aprill the 4 day 1718 [in his 67th yr. G.S.]

Thomas was town clerk in Concord, and d. 1717, a. 67; he married Ruth Jones 1677, and had several children. (History of Concord)

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