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Jonathan “Nathan” MAGEE + Caroline MANGUM

7 children

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Marriage January 24, 1839
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Caroline married Jonathan MAGEE on Jan 24 1839 in Rankin County, MS. Jonathan was born in 1818 in Louisiana. He died on Apr 10 1894 in Trinity County, Texas.

They had the following children:

Evan Janes MAGEE was born on Dec 19 1839 in Mississippi. Evan married Malinds Finklin PRUETT.

William Joseph MAGEE was born on Sep 21 1841 in Mississippi. He died on Mar 26 1896. William married (1) Bettie YOUNG. William married (2) Mrs. Caroline JONES.

Mary Malisia MAGEE was born on Nov 12 1843. Mary married (1) TYNES. Mary married (2) Rufus AVERY in Trinity County, Texas.

Abraham Green MAGEE was born on Aug 25 1845 in Mississippi. He died in 1922 in Groveton, Trinity County, Tx. Abraham married Mary Lou TISHUE.

Eliza A. MAGEE was born on Jul 2 1847. Eliza married William WOMACK.

William Solomon MAGEE was born on Mar 2 1849 in Mississippi. He died on Jan 30 1889. William married Mary Sarah Frances LOWE.

Jonathan Bangman MAGEE was born on Aug 10 1851 in Mississippi. Jonathan married (1) Margaret BASS. Jonathan married (2) Mary Clark MAGEE.

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