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Sargento Mayor Hernán MARTIN SERRANO II + Doña Ines

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Sargento Mayor Hernán II Martín Serrano was born circa 1556-1558 in Zacatecas, Nueva Galicia (Mexico). He married Juana Rodríguez before 1598; no known issue. He was described as a widower in January 1626. He had a son by Doña Ines, a Tano Indian of the Pueblo of San Cristóbal, near Galisteo, New Mexico.


During his lifetime in New Mexico Capitán Martin Serrano (III) maintained that he was mestizo. In 1626 he was referred to as el Mozo (the younger) and the son of doña Ines "an acculturated Tano Indian woman whom they treat as a Spanish woman." His father was the Hernan Martin who accompanied Oñate to New Mexico in 1598.

pg 186 of "Juan Dominguez de Mendoza" by Frances V Scholes, et al.

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