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Warren MAGEE + Eliza Antoinette MANGUM

4 children

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Marriage January 26, 1843

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Eliza Antoninette MANGUM was born on Aug 14 1824 in Covington, St. Tammany's Parish, La. She died on May 15 1915 in Livingston, Polk County, Tx.

Eliza married Warren MAGEE on Jan 19 1843 in Rankin County, MS. Warren was born on Dec 3 1820 in Covington, St. Tammany's Parish, La. He died about 1870 in Moscow, Polk County, Tx.

They had the following children:

Mary Laminda MAGEE was born on Oct 24 1843. Mary married William Giles SMITH. William was born in 1828 in Alabama.

Nancy Angeline MAGEE was born on Jan 21 1847 in Mississippi. Nancy married Dennis Austin ROWE in 1868. Dennis was born in 1842 in Georgia.

Amanda Addell MAGEE was born on May 25 1848 in Mississippi. Amanda married Arter Berry GREEN. Arter was born in 1842 in Republic of Texas.

Christopher Columbus MAGEE was born on Nov 26 1854 in Texas. Christopher married Susan TYNES. Susan was born in 1861.

Solomon Wright MAGEE was born on Aug 29 1856 in Texas. Solomon married Mary Minerva WILLBORN. Mary was born in 1863.

Andrew Burrell MAGEE was born on Jan 18 1859 in Texas.

William Jasper MAGEE was born on Apr 4 1850 in Texas. William married Mary CLARK.

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