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Media objectBirth Certificate For Guadalupe Flores, Daughter of Ilfonza RosalesBirth Certificate For Guadalupe Flores, Daughter of Ilfonza Rosales
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Note: This birth record for Guadalupe shows Yldefonza originated from Labor de Guadalupe Durango
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Merced Rosales Marriage Entry Has Parents and Grandparents

REGISTRATION OR MARRIAGE DATE: 24 Ene 1874 REGISTRATION OR MARRIAGE PLACE: Jiménez, Chihuahua, México PAGE NUMBER: 48 Merced Rosales 23 groom Maria Eduviges Garcia bride Other Names Felipe Garcia - bride's father Felipe's father - Julian Garcia Felipe's mother - Maria Valentina Arias Maria Concepcion Soto - bride's mother Ms Soto's mother - Maria Trinidad Soto Maria Ildefonza Rosales - groom's mother Cruz Rosales - Maria Ildefonza Rosales' father Maria Teodora Nevares - Maria Ildefonza Rosales' mother

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