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Estanislado ROSALES + Maria Teodora GUEVARA

5 children
Birth: December 16, 1828 20 23
Burial: December 9, 1831San Juan Bautista de Analco, Durango, Durango, Mexico

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Religious marriage June 1826
Note: Durango, Mexico, Catholic Church Records, 1604-1985 For MA. Teodora Guevara

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Merced Rosales Marriage Entry Has Parents and Grandparents

REGISTRATION OR MARRIAGE DATE: 24 Ene 1874 REGISTRATION OR MARRIAGE PLACE: Jiménez, Chihuahua, México PAGE NUMBER: 48 Merced Rosales 23 groom Maria Eduviges Garcia bride Other Names Felipe Garcia - bride's father Felipe's father - Julian Garcia Felipe's mother - Maria Valentina Arias Maria Concepcion Soto - bride's mother Ms Soto's mother - Maria Trinidad Soto Maria Ildefonza Rosales - groom's mother Cruz Rosales - Maria Ildefonza Rosales' father Maria Teodora Nevares - Maria Ildefonza Rosales' mother

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Explanation for Pedigree of Merced Rosales

Merced Rosales mother was known to be Yldefonza Rosales. Yldefonza had several children out of wedlock in the 1850s. Yldefonza was living in Lopez near Jiménez Chihuahua and her children were baptized in the parish there.

Merced was baptized there in Sept 27, 1851 but no mention was made of his father or Yldefonza's parents. The record for Merced's marriage, many years later, stated her parents were Cruz Rosales and Teodora Nevares.

A second child, Maria Hilaria Eulalia Rosales was born in 1855; her baptism record states that she was illegitimate and her maternal grandparents were Estanislado Rosales and Teodora Gebara.

Another of Yldefonza's children - Guadalupe Rosales Flores - was born in 1862 and baptized in 1863. Guadalupe's baptism record states that Yldefonza's parents were Estanilado Rosales and Teodora Guevara but no reference was made to her other origins. But at the same time, the civil birth record for Guadalupe stated that Yldefonza "es de la labor de Guadalupe en el Estado de Durango y vecina de este municipalidad (Atotonilco)" Translation: "she is from labor of Guadalupe in Durango and is a resident of this municipality (Atotonilco)".

The 1870 baptism record of Ildfonsa's son Innocente states his abuelos were Cruz Rosales and Teodsin? Nevares.

The 1860 baptism record of Yldefonza's son Blas Rosales Flores stated that Yldefonza's parents were Estanislas Rosales and Teodora Guevara.

Looking in Durango records for Yldefonza, one record was found that seems reasonable for the pair Estanislado Rosales & Teodora Guevara:

Durango, Mexico, Catholic Church Records, 1604-1985 For MA del Refugio Rosales Marriage Age: 14 Record Type: matrimonio (Marriage) Birth Date: abt 1828 Marriage Date: 29 may. 1842 Marriage Place: Santa Ana y la Sagrada Familia, Durango, Durango, Mexico Father: Estanislado Rosales Mother: Teodora Guebara Spouse: Tomas Rueda Page Number: 74

The marriage record of a Estanislado Orona with Teodora Guevara in 1826, San Fermin de Pansco, states that Estanislado was "native of the Valle de Poanas, raised in the Hacienda del Chorro, jurisdiction of curado de N.S. de Guadalupe". Their first children were born in the Valle de Poanas region but soon moved into a neighborhood on the outskirts of Ciudad de Durango.

The likely mother of this Estanislado Orona was Joaquina Orona who married Antonio Hernandez in 1813. According to their marriage record they were "both free mulatos, the first originally from the Hacienda de Chorros where he lives, legitimate son of Jose Marcos Hernandez and Mariana Ybarra, both deceased, and native to Valle de las Poanas, legitimate daughter of Pedro Orona and Dionicia Ruiz..."

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