Emily Eveleth of White Co Illinois Ancestors

Joseph EVELETH1762

Birth April 2, 1762 29 17
Birth of a sisterCatharine EVELETH
October 13, 1763 (Age 18 months)
Birth of a brotherJoshua EVELETH
October 20, 1765 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a brotherJoab EVELETH
January 16, 1768 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherAbishai EVELETH
March 29, 1770 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a brotherTheophilus EVELETH
May 17, 1772 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a brotherAsael EVELETH
September 20, 1774 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a brotherAmariah EVELETH
August 9, 1776 (Age 14 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherFrancis EVELETH
November 23, 1776 (Age 14 years)
Birth of a sisterSukey EVELETH
December 25, 1778 (Age 16 years)
Birth of a sisterNabby EVELETH
January 1, 1781 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a siblingAzubah EVELETH
February 19, 1783 (Age 20 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJosiah WETHERBEE
April 5, 1783 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a brotherFrancis EVELETH
July 7, 1784 (Age 22 years)
Death of a fatherJoseph EVELETH
October 11, 1790 (Age 28 years)
Death of a siblingAzubah EVELETH
before December 1791 (Age 29 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherSarah HALL
August 27, 1792 (Age 30 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary HUNT
June 23, 1794 (Age 32 years)
Death of a motherRuth WETHERBEE
October 22, 1810 (Age 48 years)
Death of a sisterCatharine EVELETH
February 2, 1821 (Age 58 years)
Death of a brotherAmariah EVELETH
before 1826 (Age 63 years)

Note: Based on fact that Amariah was not named, but his wife was, in the probate of his son Amariah and the fact that Amariah Srs sister stated that he was deceased in her 1830 will, Amariah was dead by 1830. In the 1826 Owen Society records in New Harmony IN it is clear that Amelia is the Head of Household; so Amariah must have died previously.
Death of a sisterNabby EVELETH
1830 (Age 67 years)
Death of a brotherAbishai EVELETH
January 1, 1845 (Age 82 years)
Death of a brotherJoshua EVELETH
May 4, 1845 (Age 83 years)
Death of a brotherJoab EVELETH
August 29, 1847 (Age 85 years)
Death of a brotherFrancis EVELETH
May 18, 1852 (Age 90 years)
Death of a brotherAsael EVELETH
November 1860 (Age 98 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: August 18, 1761Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
9 years
younger brother
6 years
younger brother
-23 months
younger brother
8 years
younger sibling
Birth: February 19, 1783 49 38Princeton, Worcester Co. MA
Death: before December 1791
-19 years
younger sister
Catharine EVELETH
Birth: October 13, 1763 30 19Princeton, Worcester Co. MA
Death: February 2, 1821Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
21 years
younger brother
-17 years
younger brother
-6 years
4 years
younger brother
15 years
younger sister
Nabby Eveleth WillNabby EVELETH
Birth: January 1, 1781 47 36Princeton, Worcester Co. MA
Death: 1830Keene, NH
-2 years
younger sister
-7 years
younger brother

Shared note

"He seems to have become estranged from his father, since "it was his desire in his lifetime" that his second son, Joshua, administer his estate, and Joseph was not willing to take on the homestead when Joseph Sr. died in 1790. Likewise, he did not sign the final settlement of the estate. Instead, we find the following deed, dated 17 june 1791: I Joseph Eveleth of Worcester, Labourer for 60 pounds paid by Joshua and Joab Eveleth of Princeton, yeomen..{release} all claim in the estate of Joseph Eveleth late of Princeton aforesaid who was my Father deceasd...

Joseph does not appear as the head of household in any of the Censi 1790-1820, and apparently never married or owned a farm. He later returned to Princeton, where he was a selectman in 1809. We last hear of him in 1830, when his sister made her will and he probabley died, unmarried, in the decade following." from Eveleth Genealogy Part 1 by Johnathan Blevins Butcher.p 99