Emily Eveleth of White Co Illinois Ancestors

Polly EVELETHAge: 85 years18061891

Birth February 12, 1806 29
Note: All census records for Polly indicate she was born in NY, which agrees with records for father Amariah Eveleth who lived in Otsego Co NY 1800-1812.
Birth of a brotherJohn EVELETH
1815 (Age 8 years)

Note: John's application for land in 1852 stated he was 37 years old.
Birth of a brotherWilliam EVELETH
between 1810 and 1820 (Age 3 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherRuth WETHERBEE
October 22, 1810 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherSylvester EVELETH
about 1815 (Age 8 years)
Note: In the 1880 census Sylvester's daughter Virginia said that her father was born in PA.
Death of a fatherAmariah EVELETH
before 1826 (Age 19 years)

Note: Based on fact that Amariah was not named, but his wife was, in the probate of his son Amariah and the fact that Amariah Srs sister stated that he was deceased in her 1830 will, Amariah was dead by 1830. In the 1826 Owen Society records in New Harmony IN it is clear that Amelia is the Head of Household; so Amariah must have died previously.
MarriageNeeley WITHROWView this family
May 19, 1830 (Age 24 years)
Death of a brotherAmeriah EVELETH
1830 (Age 23 years)
Note: Amariah Eveleth died in White County shortly after the family moved onto the land his mother Amelia bought from Seth Hull. Evidently Amariah did not own land but must have worked with his mother on her farm. He left an estate consisting of personal items and farm tools. The record of his probate is feint and difficult to read. It was found in the miscellaneous records of White Co and shows that the Eveleth, Withrow, Dagley, and Willis families were close.
Birth of a son
May 4, 1831 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a son
about 1833 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
John Wesley WITHROW
October 19, 1834 (Age 28 years)
Death of a motherAmelia GROSE?
1835 (Age 28 years)
Note: Amelia deeded the land she bought from Seth Hull to her son John shortly before her death. The records from the White Co deed book show that Amelia died in the home of John Eveleth and Sylvester Eveleth verified that John had fulfilled his obligation to care for Amelia until she died, about Oct 1, 1835.
Birth of a daughter
May 22, 1837 (Age 31 years)

Death of a husbandNeeley WITHROW
January 25, 1839 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
August 20, 1839 (Age 33 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam EVELETH
1840 (Age 33 years)
Note: William (Willis) Eveleth left a small probate record. It confirms his relation to siblings and his wife Patsy GUILLAND.
MarriageHarvey HICKCOXView this family
February 22, 1841 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a daughter
January 22, 1846 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a child
1847 (Age 40 years)
Note: According to 1850 census of the family.
Death of a husbandHarvey HICKCOX
November 4, 1853 (Age 47 years)
Death of a brotherSylvester EVELETH
1855 (Age 48 years)
Note: Drucilla BAYLEY Eveleth, in her will probated in 1855, stated her husband Sylvester was deceased.
Marriage of a childJohn Wesley WITHROWArvilla ALLENView this family
January 1, 1860 (Age 53 years)

Census 1860 (Age 53 years)
Note: 1860 Census for Polly Hickox in Phenix, Henry, Illinois
Census June 1870 (Age 64 years) Age: 64
Note: 1870 US Census for Polly Hickok
Death of a sisterAmanda EVELETH
after 1880 (Age 73 years)

Death June 25, 1891 (Age 85 years)
Family with parents - View this family
elder sister
3 years
elder sister
younger brother
-9 years
10 years
younger brother
6 years
younger brother
Family with Neeley WITHROW - View this family
Marriage: May 19, 1830White County, Illinois
11 months
3 years
22 months
3 years
2 years
Family with Harvey HICKCOX - View this family
Marriage: February 22, 1841Henry County, Illinois
7 years
-11 months
Birth: January 22, 1846 39Geneseo, Henry, IL
Death: December 12, 1897Central City, Nebraska


All census records for Polly indicate she was born in NY, which agrees with records for father Amariah Eveleth who lived in Otsego Co NY 1800-1812.


1860 Census for Polly Hickox in Phenix, Henry, Illinois Birth Place: New York
Post Office: Phoenix Polly Hickox 54 Neely Withrow 22 Emmie Hickey 13


1870 US Census for Polly Hickok Age in 1870: 64 Birthplace: New York Home in 1870: Phenix, Henry, Illinois Race: White Polly Hickok 64


From the History of Henry County IL:

Biographical Sketch of John Wesley Withrow. [In the history of the residents of Henry county to whom success in life has come as the reward of persistent and earnest labor and, who, because of the former activity in business affairs, are now enabled to live retired, mention should be made of John Wesley Withrow, who was formerly connected with farming interests, but now makes his home in Geneseo, enjoying a rest which he has truly earned and richly deserves.

When central and northern Illinois was still largely a pioneer district, his birth occurred in White county, this state, on the 19th of October, 1834. His parents were Neely and Polly (Eveleth) Withrow, the former born near Louisville, Kentucky, and the latter in New Harmony, Pennsylvania. The Withrow family is of Irish descent. The grandfather, William Withrow, was a native of Kentucky and followed the occupation of farming in order to provide for his family. He married Rebecca Dagley, and both lived to an old age, rearing a family of eight children, namely: Neely, Samuel, Polly, Rebecca, William, John, Rachel and Charles. The maternal grandfather of John W. Withrow was a native of Pennsylvania and died in early manhood. His widow afterward joined the colony at New Harmony, Pennsylvania, and subsequently became one of the pioneer women of White county, Illinois, living near Shawneetown. She, too, however, was comparatively young when called to her final rest and at her death left five children: Sylvester, Cyrenus, Mrs. Abigail Hull, Mrs. Amanda Walton and Polly. It was the last named who became the wife of Neely Withrow, who in his early boyhood had accompanied his parents on their removal from Kentucky to White county, Illinois. In 1835 he arrived in Henry county, stopping first in Red Oak Grove, near Bishop Hill, with his brother Samuel. They built a double log cabin and remained there until the fall of 1836, when they removed to Phenix township and first took up claims, while later they purchased land from the government. Neely Withrow began to improve his farm and built a house and placed some of the land under cultivation, but his death occurred there January 25, 1839, when he was not quite twenty-nine years of age. He was recognized as a man of genuine personal worth and as a public spirited citizen, and was elected the first justice of the peace in his township. His widow long survived him and reached the venerable age of eighty-six years, her birth having occurred February 12, 1806, while she died in 1892. Both Mr. and Mrs. Withrow were devout members of the Methodist church. Their children numbered four sons and a daughter: Amariah, now living in Geneseo; James, deceased; John Wesley; Lucy, who became the wife of Robert Barge and has passed away; and Neely, living in Central City, Nebraska.

John Wesley Withrow was only one year old when brought by his parents to Henry county, where he has lived continuously since 1835. He was reared in Phenix township and attended the old time subscription schools in the days when the teacher "boarded 'round." It was an old log schoolhouse, made without any nails, the logs being fastened together with pins, with a puncheon floor and seats made of split slabs. It was heated by a fireplace and the birch rod formed a terrifying feature in the matter of discipline. Later when the district schools were organized Mr. Withrow pursued his education therein. He was only five years of age at the time of his father's death, but he lived at home until he attained his majority. His mother married again, her second husband being Harvey Hickcox, by whom she had three children, two of whom died in early life, while Eunice became the wife of Asoph King and removed to Central City, Nebraska. Mr. Hickcox died November 4, 1853, when Mr. Withrow was sixteen years of age. At that time the latter was assisting in the work of the home farm and following the death of his stepfather the care of the place largely devolved upon him. Prior to his marriage he purchased forty acres of land and after his marriage he rented land for a time and later made other purchases, adding to his holdings as opportunity offered until he was once the owner of nine hundred and twenty acres. His first forty acres had a mortgage of four hundred dollars upon it, on which he paid twenty per cent interest in advance. Such an exorbitant rate was discouraging, but he never allowed obstacles or difficulties to bar his path and with characteristic energy set to work to make the best of his opportunities. He lived in Phenix township until 1870 and then removed to Hanna township, where he engaged in general agricultural pursuits until 1893. In that year he took up his abode in Geneseo, purchasing a fine home on Palace Row. He is now living retired save for the supervision which he gives to his invested interests, which yet include six hundred acres of the valuable farming land of this part of the state.

On the 1st of January, 1860, Mr. Withrow was married to Miss Arvilla M. Allen, a daughter of Jonathan and Charlotte (Hatch) Allen. Mrs. Withrow was born in Lee county, Iowa, February 12, 1843, and her parents were natives of Jefferson county. New York. Her paternal grandfather, Jonas Allen, was likewise a native of the Empire state and always followed farming. He married Sarah Dyke and died at Iron Bluffs, Nebraska, when he had reached an advanced age. His wife passed away in Fremont, Nebraska, at the home of her son. They reared seven children, Luther, Abram, Jonathan, Gilbert, Lois, Emily and Ann Mahala.

The maternal grandfather of Mrs. Withrow was Jacob Hatch, a native of New York, who also followed farming. His wife bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Wilde and died in Iowa. Mr. Hatch lived to be nearly one hundred years of age and spent his last days in Utah. The children of his first marriage were Hosea, Almira, Charlotte, Polly, Anna, Leighton, Isaac, William and Lewis. Having lost his first wife, Jacob Hatch married again but had only one daughter by the second union.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen, the parents of Mrs. Withrow, were reared and married in New York and on removing westward settled first in Lee county, Iowa, but in October, 1847, came to Henry county, Illinois, taking up their abode in Phenix township. For a long period they were connected with farming interests, but at length removed to Geneseo, where Mr. Allen died in 1876 at the age of sixty-four years and his wife passed away in 1865. He held various township offices, the duties of which he discharged in a prompt and capable manner. For several years he was one of the county supervisors and served on the committee that built the jail. Unto him and his wife were born five children: Nancy Adaline, who became the wife of Charles Linnell; Mary Angeline, the wife of James Withrow; Arvilla M., the wife of John W. Withrow; Lois A., the wife of Albert A. Colbert; and Dora A., the wife of Byron Coe.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Withrow has been blessed with nine children. Francis O., the eldest, nrarried Ella E. Kerr, and they have one son, Howard H., who married Mabel Wilkinson. Ira W., the second of the family, married Lucina Fuller, and they have three children, Roy W., Hazel G. and Claude F. Ida E. is the wife of Sherman W. Shafer and the mother of four children, Minnie B., John W.; Mary A. and Donald E. Nina D. is the wife of Clinton F. Luther and has two children, Francis Allen and John Withrow. Effie A. married James Dana Buck, who died in June, 1895, leaving a daughter, Hattie R. George O. married Florence May Fuller and their four children are Otis D., Ethel A., Charles and John Wesley. E. Lilburn died when a little more than a year old, Minnie Gertrude died when six months old. Raymond F., the youngest of the family, married Maude M. Schnabele.

Mr. Withrow is entitled to wear a Grand Army button from the fact that in 1865 he responded to the country's call for troops, enlisting in Company K, One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He served as a private and was mustered out in August, 1865. His life work has been that of a successful farmer, whose energy and carefully directed labors brought him the success that makes him one of the entensive landowners and prosperous citizens of the community. For seventy-four years he has lived in Henry county and few of its settlers have so long witnessed its growth and development. He has witnessed many changes here for the county in his boyhood days was largely an undeveloped and sparsely settled district. Today almost every acre of land is under cultivation and the county contains some of the finest farms in this great state. Mr. Withrow has lived to see many changes in the methods of farming for the old time scythe, sickle and flail have given way to the thresher, self-binder and reaper. He has witnessed also many changes in other lines of life and rejoiced in what the county has accomplished as the work of improvement has been carried steadily forward. He is one of the best known citizens of this part of the state and his record is a most creditable one, indicating what may be accomplished along the lines of determined and honorable labor.]