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Margaret MILNEAge: 81 years18101891

Margaret MILNE
Given names
Married name
Margaret Gerrie
Birth 1810 22 25
MarriageRobert GERRIEView this family

Note: From the web site:
Birth of a brotherFairley MILNE
September 20, 1812 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn MILNE
March 1814 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterChristiana MILNE
1815 (Age 5 years)
Note: From a description of Dukewell : \"A large farm steading with outhouses & garden, also, two small houses, it is situated near Stioch and is the property of ...\" From the OS Name Books of Aberdeenshire, 1865-1871.
Baptism of a sisterChristiana MILNE
October 12, 1815 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherDavid MILNE
September 12, 1820 (Age 10 years)
Note: David was baptized Sept 12 1820 in Insch.
Birth of a brotherAlexander MILNE
October 22, 1822 (Age 12 years)
Note: 1822 Baptism record from Insch Parish records from Scotlands People for Alexander Milne.
Birth of a sisterEllen MILNE
January 12, 1824 (Age 14 years)
Census 1861 (Age 51 years)
Note: Robert and Margaret Gerrie lived next door to her parents, John and Margaret Milne in Elora, 1861.
Death of a brotherFairley MILNE
December 7, 1865 (Age 55 years)
Note: The Huron County Probate records for Fairley contain many pages, most of whcih are redundant. The papers state that Fairley died in Howick Township. Here are the Letter of Administration + related papers. Farley is buried back in Elora Ontario, his former home.
Death of a fatherJohn MILNE
October 7, 1867 (Age 57 years)
Note: John's will was recorded in Wellington County Probate Book E,, pp 415-416. (FHL film 0555617.) John…

Death of a motherMargaret ANDERSON
after 1867 (Age 57 years)
Death of a brotherJohn MILNE
November 1, 1874 (Age 64 years)
Note: Death record states that he was Baptist and died from an injury to the head. He was also listed as a farmer and sawmiller. His son John Jr. reported the death.
Death of a husbandRobert GERRIE
September 8, 1877 (Age 67 years)
Note: Ontario, Canada, Deaths, Robert Gerrie
Death of a sisterChristiana MILNE
1882 (Age 72 years)
Death of a brotherAlexander MILNE
July 1889 (Age 79 years)
Death July 13, 1891 (Age 81 years) Age: 81
Family with parents - View this family
Margaret MILNE
Birth: 1810 22 25Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death: July 13, 1891Stirling Falls, Parry Sound, Ontario
3 years
younger brother
18 months
younger brother
Birth: March 1814 27 29Aberdeenshire Scotland
Death: November 1, 1874Grey Twp, Huron Co, Ontario
22 months
younger sister
6 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
Alexander MILNE
Birth: October 22, 1822 35 37Cairneston, Insch Parish, Aberdeenshire
Death: July 1889Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co, ND
15 months
younger sister
Family with Robert GERRIE - View this family
Birth: about 1805Aberdeenshire Scotland
Death: September 8, 1877Wellington Co, Ontario, Canada
Margaret MILNE
Birth: 1810 22 25Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death: July 13, 1891Stirling Falls, Parry Sound, Ontario


From the web site:

St. Andrew’s Church, Fergus Marriage Register 1837-1845

Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe 2004©

No. 40 Jany 21[1841] Whereas, Robet Gerrie, of the Township of Nichol, County of Waterloo,

Gerrie, Robt. District of Wellington and Province of Upper Canada, Bachelor and Margaret Milne, of the Township, County, District, and Province aforesaid, Spinster, were determined to enter into the Holy Banns of Matrimony, and have for this purpose been publicly proclaimed by Banns, on three successive Sabbaths in St. Andrew’s Church, Fergus and no objection offered why the said parties should be joined together in marriage:

Now these are to certify that the said parties, viz, Rogert Gerrie and Margaret Milne, were regularly married and the same are legally contracted to each other, in presence of Rogert Cromar, Bachelor, Woolwich, & William Gerrie, Nichol, both of the County, District and Province aforesaid. This Twenty First Day of January, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty One years, by me, A. Gardiner, Minr.


Robert and Margaret Gerrie lived next door to her parents, John and Margaret Milne in Elora, 1861.

CensusJohn and Margaret Milne, Elora 1861John and Margaret Milne, Elora 1861
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DeathMargaret Milne Gerrie Death RecordMargaret Milne Gerrie Death Record
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