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Thomas GRIFFINAge: 59 years17801839

Given names
Birth about 1780 30
Birth of a son
about 1813 (Age 33 years)
Note: Based on burial record and Coolatin Estate record of 1868.
Birth of a son
about 1816 (Age 36 years)
Note: Census records of 1861 and 1881 indicate that he was born about 1815, not in 1809 as had been reported on his death record. The Coolatin Estate Residents book puts his birth year as about 1816 as does his immigration record from Coolatin in 1851.

Death of a fatherJohn GRIFFIN
before 1834 (Age 54 years)
Note: The Tithe Applotment for Knocknaboley in 1824 lists John Griffin as John Griffin Reps - and has Tho…
Note: This is a possible record of old John Griffin's death. Knocknaboley is in the Shillelagh Registrati…

Note: (The conclusion that the father of Thomas Griffin(born 1815) was Thomas Griffin(born 1780) is NOT ab…
Rebellion 1798
Note: It appears that the United Irishmen Rebellion in Wicklow engulfed the peaceful hills of Knocknaboley…
Death before 1839 (Age 59 years)
Note: The 1839 Tenants Book for Knocknaboley on the Coolatin Estate shows that Thomas may have already die…

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-2 years


(The conclusion that the father of Thomas Griffin(born 1815) was Thomas Griffin(born 1780) is NOT absolutely proved. It is the best estimate of three possible fathers, Thomas Griffin, John Griffin and William Griffin - all of Knocknaboley. The conclusion was essentially based on land records from the Coolatin Estate, not on birth or baptism records which have been destroyed.)

Thomas Griffin and Peter Griffin took over the Coolatin Estate's Kemmitt,Griffin,Pollard lease from a Thomas Griffin in 1843 in Knocknaboley. So it is assumed that Thomas and Peter's father was Thomas Griffin. Thomas and his wife Jane Saunders named their third son Peter.

The Tithe Applotment reoords show that a man named John Griffin lived in Knocknaboley in the 1820s. The "House Books" for Knocknaboley in 1840s shows that a John Griffin had moved into the Saunders former house. Since Thomas GRIFFIN married Jane SAUNDERS in 1844 in Knocknaboley and named their first son John, it is possible that the father of Thomas Griffin was John Griffin - probably the son of Richard Griffin who had lived on the townland since (at least) 1803. However, this John Griffin took over several unrelated pieces of land in the 1840s - so it is entirely possible that there was no family significance to him taking over the Saunders lease.

Finally, Thomas Griffin, in 1848, occupied 20 acres of the Kemmitt,Griffin,Pollard lease - which in 1843 had been occupied by old William Griffin, probably son of old John Griffin. Thomas never named any of his children William, but did name one son Peter and a daughter Margaret (probable name of Thomas' widow), so it is likely that Thomas had simply taken over his Uncle William's portion of the lease. Also, the Tenant censuses of 1827 and 1843 seem to indicate that William had no children.

In any case it is almost certain that Thomas Griffin's grandfather was old John Griffin who had been the original Griffin of the Kemmitt,Griffin lease of the 1770s on the Coolatin Estate.

Rebellion 1798

It appears that the United Irishmen Rebellion in Wicklow engulfed the peaceful hills of Knocknaboley. John Griffin and Thomas Griffin were great grandfather and grandfather of Thomas Griffin of Rye, ND, our ancestor.

The following comes from the CD of Cantwell's 1798 Rebellion, claims and compensation:

John Griffin, farmer Knockaboley, claim for house, heifer, provisions and set of bagpipes 31 Pounds, 14 shillings and sixpence, no payment noted.

Richard Griffin, Knockaboley, Claim: horse, provisions, cloaths, cash 13/14/11 paid in full

Thomas Griffin, Knockaboley, Claim, house burned, provisions and saddle 20/5/5 no pymt.noted

Thomas Darcy, Knocknaboley, (later sublet under John Griffin), Claim, house, barn cloathes, horses, furniture.


The 1839 Tenants Book for Knocknaboley on the Coolatin Estate shows that Thomas may have already died since his (assumed) wife Margaret and (assumed) brother William had taken over the Kemmitt/Griffin lease.

Thomas was also listed as the Griffin of Kemmitt,Griffin,Pollard Lease in 1843. That doesn't mean he was alive then as his wife Margaret had probably inherited the lease upon his death.

Thomas Griffin's name was replaced on the Lease in 1843, as is shown in the Modifications Section of the Rental Book of 1843.


The Tithe Applotment reoords show that Thomas Griffin lived in Knocknaboley in 1824 on the lease "owned" by John Griffin since the 1770s. It is likely that Thomas was the son of John Griffin, an original lessor on the Coolatin Estate in Knocknaboley. John Griffin had two co-lessors named Kimmitt and Pollard.

Evidently Thomas' wife was named Margaret since, in the 1839 Residents Book for the estate, his name does not appear but Margaret Griffin's name does. The lease was taken up by Peter Griffin in 1843, providing some indication that Peter was Thomas' son.


In a letter from Wicklow researcher Peggy Leonard:

Hi Tom

... I also have one "Sanders"....

Mary Sanders was Baptized 24 January 1802 in the R.C. Church in Killaveny/Anacorra. Daughter of Andrew Sanders and Margaret Strahan. Sponsors were Matthew Lambert and Margaret Farrell. Residence was Knocknaboley. Father listed as Protestant.

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