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David MILNE1820

Given names
Birth September 12, 1820 33 35
Note: David was baptized Sept 12 1820 in Insch.
Birth of a brotherAlexander MILNE
October 22, 1822 (Age 2 years)
Note: 1822 Baptism record from Insch Parish records from Scotlands People for Alexander Milne.
Birth of a sisterEllen MILNE
January 12, 1824 (Age 3 years)
Death of a brotherFairley MILNE
December 7, 1865 (Age 45 years)
Note: The Huron County Probate records for Fairley contain many pages, most of whcih are redundant. The papers state that Fairley died in Howick Township. Here are the Letter of Administration + related papers. Farley is buried back in Elora Ontario, his former home.
Death of a fatherJohn MILNE
October 7, 1867 (Age 47 years)
Note: John's will was recorded in Wellington County Probate Book E,, pp 415-416. (FHL film 0555617.) John…

Death of a motherMargaret ANDERSON
after 1867 (Age 46 years)
Death of a brotherJohn MILNE
November 1, 1874 (Age 54 years)
Note: Death record states that he was Baptist and died from an injury to the head. He was also listed as a farmer and sawmiller. His son John Jr. reported the death.
Death of a sisterChristiana MILNE
1882 (Age 61 years)
Death of a brotherAlexander MILNE
July 1889 (Age 68 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret MILNE
July 13, 1891 (Age 70 years) Age: 81
Death of a sisterEllen MILNE
May 2, 1912 (Age 91 years) Age: 88
Note: Iowa, Death Records, 1904-1951 For Ellen Milne:
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elder sister
Margaret MILNE
Birth: 1810 22 25Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death: July 13, 1891Stirling Falls, Parry Sound, Ontario
3 years
elder brother
18 months
elder brother
Birth: March 1814 27 29Aberdeenshire Scotland
Death: November 1, 1874Grey Twp, Huron Co, Ontario
22 months
elder sister
6 years
2 years
younger brother
Alexander MILNE
Birth: October 22, 1822 35 37Cairneston, Insch Parish, Aberdeenshire
Death: July 1889Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co, ND
15 months
younger sister


David was baptized Sept 12 1820 in Insch.

BirthDavid Milne Baptism Record from Insch Parish RecordsDavid Milne Baptism Record from Insch Parish Records
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