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William GRIFFINAge: 69 years17791848

Given names
Birth 1779
Address: William shows up in several records and is clearly a brother or uncle of Thomas Griffin, who took over the Kemmitt/Griffin lease from old John Griffin. In 1802 William Griffin is mentioned in the entry for old John Griffin in the Coolatin Rental Books. The entry is partially unreadable but the names are clear in the text. Both William and Thomas are listed under John Griffin's Representatives in the Tithe Applotment Census of 1824 for Knocknaboley and William and Margaret Griffin are the (separate) tenants on the farm in 1839. Presumably Margaret has inherited Thomas' lease and his his widow. William Griffin had disappeared from the records by 1848.

Birth of a brotherThomas GRIFFIN
about 1780 (Age 12 months)
Death of a fatherJohn GRIFFIN
before 1834 (Age 55 years)
Note: The Tithe Applotment for Knocknaboley in 1824 lists John Griffin as John Griffin Reps - and has Tho…
Death of a brotherThomas GRIFFIN
before 1839 (Age 60 years)
Note: The 1839 Tenants Book for Knocknaboley on the Coolatin Estate shows that Thomas may have already die…


Note: William was married but his wife's name is not known. The 1827 Tenant Book (MS 6082, NLI) on Knock…

Death 1848 (Age 69 years)

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younger brother


William was married but his wife's name is not known. The 1827 Tenant Book (MS 6082, NLI) on Knocknaboley, the entry for William shows that he is living with Patrick Kerrivan:

---- William Griffin 37 56 - - Lives with Kerrivan.

which indicates William is 37 (probably an error since 12 years later he is listed as age 60), his wife is 56 and he has no children.

The 1839 record for William shows William living on the Kemmitt/Griffin lease, with no wife:

--- William Griffin 20 acres 60 70 - - (has servants) Farmer

An almost unreadable record in the Killaveny RC Parish records showed that a William Griffin married Mary (unreadable) on Feb 19, 1813. This may be William of Knocknaboley but it is not certain.


In the 1824 Tithe for Knocknaboley, Thomas and William Griffin along with Thomas Darcy, have split the original John Griffin lease which was part of the Kemmitt,Griffin,Pollard lease.

In 1827 Rentals, William was 37 years old living on a neighbor's farm. In the 1839 book of Residents for the Coolatin estate, William was living on the original lease as was Margaret Griffin (with 2 male and 1 female children.) It is possible that Margaret was William's wife but, probably not, or she would not have been listed separately as a resident. By 1848, neither William nor Margaret were on the Residents list.

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