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Isom GANNAge: 55 years17701825

Given names
Birth between 1770 and 1780 10

MarriageElizabeth View this family

Birth of a brotherJacob GANN
between 1770 and 1780
Birth of a sisterCatherine Preston GANN
about 1780 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a daughter
Melinda GANN
1803 (Age 33 years)
Birth of a son
Allen GANN
about 1805 (Age 35 years)

Birth of a son
Robert Uriah GANN
May 10, 1810 (Age 40 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherAdam GANN
August 6, 1812 (Age 42 years)
Note: \"Will of Adam Gann, dated 8 Mar. 1812: Blessed be God attest this my last will and testament finding myself in a great indisposion of body but in my rite reasons and in my perfect senses first of all committing my body to the yearth and my soul to God who gave it I think proper to fix my afares leaving Adam Gann and Nathan Gann my executors of my estate first of all I leave unto my beloved wife Christan Gann all my estate consisting of one negro in the hands of my son Dam (probably Dan for Daniel) Gan and all my horses all my cattle sheep and hogs and household furniture to remain in the hands of my wife Christen Gan during her natural life or widowhood and then to be divided equally amonsts my three children Peggy Gan Hannah Gan Samuel Gan unto all my sons and daughters begottn by my first wife I leave one doler to each of them as witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal. Adam (his X mark) Gann, Test George McGuer, Test Joseph McArter,\" (Recorded in Will Book No. 2, Page No. 18, Jefferson County, Tennessee) (Spellings are as used in the original handwritten document.)
Birth of a son
Washington GANN
about 1820 (Age 50 years)
Death of a fatherIsham GANN
July 1825 (Age 55 years)
Address: According to Gann Gazette (Vol 21, No 1, pp 7) Isham (or Isom) died intestate circa July of 1825 and Cornelius Williams was appointed administrator of his estate Aug 2, 1825 in Rhea Co TN.
Death about 1825 (Age 55 years)
Note: Kay Silkey research.
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11 years
twin brother
11 years
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-1 years
7 years


Kay Silkey research.

Shared note

Quoting from Kay Silkey's article: Gann Gazette, Vol 28 No 1 Spring 2020, pg 10

After starting from zero, the body of knowledge about Isham’s family continues to grow. He was born in Virginia and moved with his family to Washington County, TN. He relocated to Rhea County in the early 1800’s. He may have lived in Hawkins County for a short time since his some of the descendants are found there prior to their move to Rhea County. We have an approximate death date, 1825, in the court records of Rhea County. Loose probate records have not been found. Researching the Rhea County records onsite could be very important. At present, they are warehoused and are difficult to access. But, we have been able to identify three children of Isham using traditional genealogical research and DNA analysis. Those three children are:

Catherine Preston Gann born ca 1780 in Washington County. She married Richard Ramsey and they had 9 children. They lived in Hawkins County prior to her move following Richard’s death to Hamilton County. Four children have been extensively researched and DNA analysis has proven these connections. Several of her children and descendants relocated to Illinois and Missouri.

Jacob Gann born ca 1770-1780 in Washington County. Jacob married Susannah Myers. He lived for a few years in Rhea County prior to his relocation to White County, Illinois. Extensive information about this family was published in a recent Gazette article written by William R. Gann and Gary Toms. They spent several days in White County, IL gathering information about this family. This family has also been proven through DNA analysis.

Isom Gann born ca 1770-1780. He married Elizabeth last name unknown. Isom died ca 1825 in Rhea County and his widow, Elizabeth moved to Hamilton County following his death.

Isom Gann's children are identified below: 
 Melinda Gann b. 1803 most likely Washington County d. 1869 in Hamilton County. She married Thomas Penney in Rhea County. Melinda and Thomas moved to Hamilton County following their marriage. Their family is closely aligned with the family of Thomas Jr.

Allen Gann b. ca 1805 most likely Washington County and d. after 1880 in St. Francois County Missouri. He married Mary D. Myers. Her connection to Susannah Myers, wife of Jacob Gann, is unknown. Many members of the Society descend from Allen and Mary and this line is well documented through DNA matches to other Isham descendants. 

Robert Uriah Gann b. May 10, 1810 either Rhea County or Washington County and d. Oct. 20, 1875 in Christian County, Missouri. He married Sarah Vandergriff in 1827. Uriah moved to Taney County, Missouri between 1836 and 1840 as he and his widowed mother, Elizabeth appear in the 1840 census. Two of his descendants have been identified and are shared matches with other Isham descendants. 
 Washington Gann b. ca 1820 most likely Rhea County. He married Mary Camilla Nelson, daughter of Moses Nelson and Hannah Gann. He was convicted of the murder of David Wilcoxson in 1857. He had a large family who moved to Johnson County, IL after his conviction. In testimony given by Allen Gann at his murder trial, he states that Washington is his brother. A descendant has been recently identified who is a DNA match to other Isham descendants. 

Alexander Gann named in a Hamilton County loan document exercised by him and his probable brother, Uriah. They were going into the blacksmithing business and needed start up capital. No other document has been found in his name. 
 Sarah Gann, wife of James Gann, of St. Francois County, MO. James Gann, son of Thomas Jr, served in the Indian Wars and submitted a pension application. He stated that he was married to Sarah Gann, his second cousin. James and Sarah were living in the Farmington MO area by 1860. During the 1880’s members of the Ramsey family began to move into the area. Allen and Mary Gann also relocated to this area in the 1870’s. He remained there until his death. Did they move to this area because they had family there? Recent testing by a descendant of James and Sarah confirms the connection to both Isham and Capt Thomas lines. Other possible children:

Unidentified Gann female married an unidentified 
Vandergriff male. Through DNA analysis a descendant who currently lives in Hamilton County has been identified with the surname Vandergriff. Her DNA documents her connection to Isham’s family. Further genealogical research will be necessary to identify her line of descent. 

Based on the number of matches that Isham descendents share with some Georgia Gann’s, there is most likely a connection. Further research needs to be done to clarify the relationships.


All information on Isom and Isham Gann comes from Gann genealogist Kay Silkey's research found in the Gann Gazette of Spring 2020.