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Battle Flag for Walker's "Greyhounds"

Battle Flag for Walker's "Greyhounds"
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Title: Battle Flag for Walker's "Greyhounds"

This flag, from an unidentified Texas regiment, is inscribed with battle honors "Mansfield, April 8th 1864" and "Pleasant Hill, April 9, 1864." This flag is important for two reasons. First, it was carried by a Texas unit in the two desperate Louisiana battles that turned back Union General Nathaniel Bank's Red River Expedition, thus saving east Texas from conquest. Second, it is one of only two so-called Taylor battle flags still in existence. [Taylor flags are named for General Richard Taylor, son of President Zachary Taylor, and Confederate commander in western Louisiana.] The Taylor flags are unusual because they are Saint Andrews cross rebel flags with the colors reversed, i.e. a blue field instead of the famous red field, and ared rather than blue cross with white stars.

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Evan James MAGEE
December 29, 1839184Rankin Co, Mississippi7June 8, 191510875Trinity Co, TxAugust 28, 2021 - 1:12:37 a.m.