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From Mt Gilead Church transcripts (Morgan Co IN)

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From Mt Gilead Church transcripts (Morgan Co IN)

A dissatisfaction having taken place in the church at Friendship in consequence of the right to the ground on which the meeting house stands, it is not good. In consequence of which we, the church at Mt. Gilead, principally having been members of the church at Friendship, have gone into a constitution as follows. . . . We therefore convened at the school house near Sinking Creek, recently occupied by Lowell Summers in madison Township, Morgan County, Indiana on the 22nd day of March in the year of our Lord 1835. This agreement was signed by Enoch Summers, Alsy Summers, John Lowder, Emiline Lowder, James Randolph, George H. Randolph, John McNabb, Andrew McNabb, Susannah McNabb, Cassandra McNabb, Pollyann McNabb, Elizabeth McNabb, David Casity, Katherine Johnson, Sarah Sells, Allie Cox, Elizabeth Sanders, and Polly Duree.

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Andrew McNABB
September 6, 1795228Bath0June 22, 185516859Morgan Co, INMay 16, 2013 - 11:10:07 p.m.
John Carothers McNABB
0December 24, 2012 - 3:17:31 a.m.