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Peter PINKSTON + Elizabeth

4 children

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Marriage before 1702

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Peter and Elizabeth were members of St Annes Parish of Anne Arundel Co MD from about 1700 to the 1720s. Here are some records found in the parish registry book published by Ann Burns:

-- 5, 1694 was born William Pinkstone, son of Peter -- 31 1698 was born Peter Pinkstone --5, 1698 was born Hannah Pinkstone Feb 5,1707 was married Ambrose Nelson and Sarah Du---- Mar 4,1716/1717 was married William Pinkston to Martha Nellson Jan 17,1710/1711 was born Elizabeth, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth, his wife Also recorded as July 29,1717 (baptism?) Mar 19,1718 was born Peter, son of William Pinkston and Martha, his wife Also recorded as July 25, 1718

July 2, 1723 Vestry meeting Ordered: "Peter Pinkston Jr and Anne Johnson being formerly writt to appear before the Vestry for incontinent Living together .... if they appear not before the Vestry ... the Vestry will return them to the Attorney General to proscribe them for Contempt and Incontinent Living."

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