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William BENNETT I1659

Given names
Name suffix
Birth about 1659
Religious marriageMary SMITHView this family
February 18, 1684 (Age 25 years)
Note: William Bennett and Mary Smith both of this parish (Christ Church) marryed 18th February 1684.
Birth of a son
about 1684 (Age 25 years)

Note: It has been claimed by genealogists that William II's parents are William Bennett and Mary Smith of Christ Church. No written proof has been found as of Aug 2010.
Marriage of a childWilliam BENNETT IISarah BRUMWELLView this family
about 1702 (Age 43 years)
Death of a sonWilliam BENNETT II
before 1713 (Age 54 years)


William Bennett and Mary Smith both of this parish (Christ Church) marryed 18th February 1684.


It is not clear who the parents of William Bennett are. Carmen Taylor Bennett, in her book claimed, but did not prove, that John and Mary Bennett who came to Virgina in 1649 were William's parents. It's entirely plausible, perhaps likely, that she was correct. Here are some facts.

William Bennett and Mary Smith lived in Christ Church Parish in Middlesex Co in the late 1600s where the Wormleys were prominent in the parish.

In 1649 Ralph Wormley paid for passage from England for several people including John and Mary Bennett. The land patent he received was recorded as:

CAPT RALPH WORMLEY, 3200 acres, 16 June 1649, p 170. On the S side of the Rappahanock Riv about 10 mile up the river .... Transport of 3 score & 4 persons: John Price ...Mary BENNET ... John BENNET, ...

In Oct 1682 John Bennet and others were ordered to serve their masters Ralph Wormley Esq. John and others had run off at harvest time. (This was such a long time after 1649 that there could easily have been two different John Bennets.)

On Dec 2, 1689 Ralph Wormley listed persons who he had brought into the country. The list included John BENNIT.

There was a John Benit listed in the titheables of St. Marys Whitechapel in Lancaster Co near Christ Church parish in 1700.