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Daniel KENTAge: 39 years18471886

Daniel KENT
Given names
Birth 1847
Religious marriageIsabella MULDOONView this family

Note: City of Rochester Archives and Records Center
Death November 24, 1886 (Age 39 years)
Note: Mt Hope Burial Record:
Family with Isabella MULDOON - View this family


City of Rochester Archives and Records Center Historic Marriage Records Research Site Search Results

Page Number 173 Date of Marriage 07/03/1883 Husband's First Name DANIEL Husband's Last Name KENT City ROCHESTER State NY Husband's Age 36 Husband's Occupation CARPENTER Husband's Birth Place LYONS Husband's Birth State NY Husband's Father's First Name GEO Husband's Father's Middle Name T Husband's Father's Last Name KENT Husband's Mother's First Name MARTHA Husband's Mother's Maiden Name R Husband's Mother's Last Name IRELAND Wife's First Name IASB Wife's Middle Name J Wife's Maiden Last Name MULDOON Residence/City ROCHESTER Wife's Age 36 Wife's Color W Wife's Birth Place ROCHESTER Wife's Father's Last Name MULDOON Wife's Mother's First Name ANNA Wife's Mother's Middle Name M Wife's Mother's Maiden Name KENT Wife's Number of Marriages 1 Marriage Official's Name WARREN W WALSH Marriage Official's Position MINISTER Roll Number 1


Mt Hope Burial Record:

Nov 25, 1886 Daniel Kent Age 39 Cardiac Neuralgia Residence: W Maple St